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WIFT would like to extend our gratitude to our members, partners and community sponsors who have helped us achieve unprecedented growth and realize many of our common goals. We began 2013 with 25 members and a vision, ending with almost 200 members. Look for workshops on Lighting, Camera and Action as well as networking events for our members in 2014.

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Open to women and men, Women in Film and Television Nashville exists: To provide for members an extensive network of contacts, programs, scholarships, film finishing funds and grants, access to employment opportunities, mentorships and numerous practical services in support of this mission. Also to enhance the viability of women in the greater Nashville market through the support of creative endeavors and promotion of Tennessee as a desirable production locale.

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WIFT Nashville Commercial

“More than Lipstick and Heels,”

focused on the process of all production – pre to post. The backdrop of this seminar was the actual production of a thirty-second commercial for WIFT Nashville. This was a hands on, ‘up against a deadline’ opportunity to experience all facets of production. Working professionals were mentoring each phase and detail of the process and with continuing advice, guidance, critique and encouragement and state of the art equipment they provided practical application.

— at NuMynd Studios.