Deborah Gordon – President

Born and raised in Namibia, Deborah spent her formative years in the traditions of a working Southern African family. Upon graduation from compulsory education Deborah pursued opportunity in Dentistry, a career choice that served well in her young adulthood in Namibia, a five-year stay in New Zealand and transition to live in the United States.  In and around her life in Dentistry, interests and study in the artistry and application of make-up became passionate pastimes.  Upon arrival in the United States, through relations enlivened in Business Network International, Deborah embraced transition from Dentistry to life in the Industry of Film and Television.  Her commitments to the arts, craft and business have found Deborah on all sides of the Camera and Microphone.  Ever an advocate for community growth and opportunity, Deborah has focused a great deal of energy into developing programming, producing community endeavors and pursuing personal projects amidst the everyday employ of a make-up artist and editor in Nashville.


May I first express that I am humbled by the opportunity to lend voice and heart to an organization focused on the promise and growth of our community.  It is with no hesitation that I accept this incredible responsibility as your President.

In my position as President, I will endeavor to represent the best interests of our organization in those matters of community which serve to uplift our collective local goals and interests as well as those that may, by association, serve to strengthen the progressive works of our collective industry throughout the state.

All of this being said, I look forward to meeting with you and seeing where we, together, will place our sites, empower our community and make our best strides.

Sincerely and respectfully,

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