Our Organization

Women in Film & Television, Nashville, Inc. (WIFTNa) is a membership-based nonprofit corporation organized, operated and dedicated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and all its further amendments and any corresponding section of the federal Internal Revenue Code and any further related section of the Federal Internal Revenue Code, to advance professional development and achievement for women working in all aspects of film, television and all other screen-based interactive media. We are committed to improving the status of women, both in front and behind the camera, by supporting and advancing women working to achieve their highest potential within the global entertainment, communications, and media industries. and to preserving the legacy of women within those industries.

                      Women in Film and Television-Nashville exists to advance professional development and achievement for women working in all areas of film, video, and interactive media.

WIFTNa is part of a global organization, Women in Film and TV International WIFTI, which provides a foundation for global co-operation as well as a public voice representing and unifying our members worldwide.

              Established in 1982 by a group of women, committed to improving the position and representation of women in the film and TV industries. They recognize the professional excellence achieved by women in all areas of the industry, providing a unique forum for communication, professional development, and networking.

Membership is open to anyone regardless of gender, so join us today and start networking with the local film/tv/media community!

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