Christine Poythress

13389121_10103344597771435_1822511788_o           Christine Poythress (SAG-e)

Height: 5’ 5”                                                                     The Avenue Agency

Hair: Blonde/Gray                                                          1209 4th Ave North, Suite B

Eyes: Blue                                                                          Nashville, TN 37208                                        407.310.4469 (mobile)                                        615.293.9648 (office)



 Film / Industrial

Tennessee Gothic                         Mrs. Simms                                               Jeff Wedding, Dir

The Plot                                          Eda                                                              Brent Coleman. Dir

1017                                                  L.P. Brownstone                                      Joseph Ebanks, Dir

The Family Keel                            Joanie Keel/Supporting                          Cody Rogers, Dir

Lane and Russell                           Mary/Cameo                                             Jason Stogsdill, Dir

In Blood and Time                        Lilly Pierce/Supporting                           Seated Boxer Productions

Ashes to Ashes                               Wanda/Supporting                                  Filmerica, Kenneth Garner Dir.

Of Heist and Men                          Principal Blackburn/Supp.                    Hart Hoppe, Dir

Worm                                               Dr. Dorothy Henson                               Doug Mallette, Dir

Morton’s Clearing                        Maggie Morton, Lead                               David Keane, Dir

10 Seconds                                      Ludmilla/Supporting                              David Perry, Dir

Television/Commercial (full list upon request)                                             

TN State Lottery                                   Miller Sister                                          Brent Jones, Dir

Music Video

“Give a Damn” / Lucas Hoge               Mother                                                   Wes Whatley, Dir                                                                    “Satisfied” / Jewel                                  Mother                                                   Peter Zavadil, Dir

Theatre *Full list available upon request*

Steel Magnolias                                       Ouiser                                                     Greg Wilson, Dir            Ragtime                                                     Emma Goldman                                  Cathy Street, Dir

TRAINING *Full list available upon request*

Script and Scene Analysis                                                                                    Caroline Woodridge Locorriere                                      AuditionWorkshops                                                                                              Jackie Burch/Kim Petrosky
Audition and Scene Study                                                                                    Regina Moore, Melissa Skoff
Freeing the Actor, Film Scene                                                                             Holly Allen                                                                            Intro to Voice Over                                                                                                Joel Loesch                   Improvisation                                                                                                         Barry McAlister


Piano/guitar                                        Yoga/Zumba                                         Reading

Writing                                                 Performing Classical Music               Gardening

     Sing in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Latin…


Archery                                                    Improvisation                                          Soprano (legit)

Vocal teacher/coach                             Accents: Russian, Southern, British    Licensed Driver (stick)

International Phonetic Alphabet       Piano/Guitar                                             Swimming (general)

Accents: Russian, Southern, …..