Now, I don’t really like to talk negatively about anyone…

Okay, I just lied.  When it comes to the Brothers Grimm, I do really like to talk negatively.  They’re the ones who set up that “ugly step-siblings” thing – remember?  And even when I finally get a “happily ever after” out of it, they set me up with a Prince who used to be a frog.  A FROG!  What the fable?!  I mean, how would you feel if you caught your knight in shining armor secretly eating flies?  So, you see, I have a little bone to pick with the GRIMMS.

You think Fairytale Land started out so messed up?  Okay, so we had our fair share of Ogres, Trolls and Wicked Witches, but who doesn’t? And maybe a Pixie Dust problem… and a few too many curses… and an infestation of beanstalks.  Anyway, in sweeps the GRIMM brigade promising to turn our fairytales into fantastic fables with happy forever endings.

Folderol I say!  We sign away our stories and before you know it Old Mother Hubbard’s in a shoe.  Red Riding Hood’s running with the wolves.  Snow White is a serial dater of short men.  And Beauty is… well, she’s pretty much the same bad boy fan she always was.

Well, I guess the GRIMM boys figured that our twisted tales were getting a bit stale so they decide Fairytale Land would look good as a reality show.  A fantasy based reality show?!! 

You gotta love the irony.  Speaking of irony, I need to find a metalsmith and get the armor of His Portliness stretched.  A diet of magic beans sure packs on the pounds…

I’ll chatteth with thee on the ‘morrow.