AKA Hubbard’s Secret Cupboard…

I’m not ashamed.  I came – I snooped – I put it back just the way I found it.  When it comes to the woman who’s gotten hooked into three – yes three – enchanted dog biscuit ponzi schemes, desperate measures are required.  I’m talking about Old Mother Hubbard who has a secret door in her cupboard.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s hard when you find out your Mommy dearest is a Klepto.

Okay, maybe I am a little ashamed.  I knew Mumsie Hubbs was acting stranger than normal, if that’s possible, so I thought she was caught up in some GRIMM Brothers web.  Instead bread crumbs leading to the house of GRIMM I found a secret stash of:


  • Curds and whey
  • Magic beans
  • A half-eaten poison apple
  • Dried beanstalk sprouts
  • Beast shavings
  • A ripped Red Hoodie
  • A tuffet (whatever that is…)
  • And… a single glass slipper

Good grief!  Do you know how much that would go for on the Black Magic Market?!  A couple hundred golden eggs, at least!  Poor Hubbster of the sticky fingers!  Doesn’t even know what she’s got…

What I didn’t find was a clue about the GRIMMS.  If any of you have any guesses, hit me up on Facebook.  Please?

Fair thee well for now…