Blog #4


You know, you think you know someone then…

I just learned some things today that Mumsie Dahling just happened to let slip out.  My Prince of a husband is not who I think he is.  Oh sure, he’s a Prince alright: – he’s got a Deluxe Pumpkin racing Carriage; a 24 carat gold yacht – compliments of King Midas (too bad that sucker sunk as soon as it hit the water…); and a winged horse or two. His Highness even owns a Mead brewery. Like we needed that. And go figure, he also has a beautiful sister who sleeps all the freakin’ time.   I mean, she snored all the way through our wedding vows.  Yep, he’s a Prince alright – all the way from the merry old sole of his shoes to his shiny blonde man-bun.

He’s also a Grimm.

That’s right, a GRIMM!  At least on his mother’s side.  I always thought she had a Wicked-Witch-of-the-West-with-some-work done look about her.  Now before you think I have sour grapes because Mom Hubbs has a less than stellar track record, let me clue you in on the GRIMMS.  Fairytale Land used to be a happy, sunshiny place where unicorns never pooped ice cream, and everyone lived happily ever after….

Okay, not so much.

But did the Grimm Brothers have to come in and put all our magically messed up little secrets on TV?  I think not!

Wait, Princey-Poo says he has a confession to make… something about living in a frog pond and kissing a Princess?

Can’t wait to hear this one…